Monday, August 22, 2016

Day Care: Are They Beneficial To Parents?

Day care is an institution where a child is taken care of by day care staffs when their parents are not able to. The child or children are put into extensive care and supervision in a day care. They provide parental care to the children along with some fun free play for them. A mother’s supervision, love and care is very much required for bringing up a child- A day care does the same with nearly as much love, affection and care. Day Care In Garia provides the substitute for a mother when the mother is not able to be present. Day care institutions are now present on nearly every corner of the world providing for the child in the absence of their parents.

Advantages Of Day Care

Children in day care tend to be emotionally stronger. Children who have been in day care take the first step of socialization knowing the society better. Later they have less chances of separation anxiety and symptoms of social withdrawal. Children who have been in day care programs are tend to be less prone to diseases when they grow up. Being in groups, they become more immune to respiratory diseases and infection later on. Studies say that children in Abacus in Garia have a powerful brain better than many other children of the same age. Studies tell us that they have better intellectual ability and grasping power.

Are Day Care Institutions Really Advantageous To Parents?

Day care institutions are very good for children. Their services help the children in better development in later years. Day care’s best benefit is socialization. In a day care, children learn to socialize and solve problems on their own- this promotes better behavior in children and in later years they show proper behavioral patterns instead of nasty ones. Montessori School in Garia is also very beneficial to mothers. Studies say that mothers staying at home are more likely to suffer from depression than mothers who go to work. Depressed mothers pose a depressing behavioral pattern in children too. Keeping their children at day care institutions lessens the stress on mothers and it is less likely that their children grow up to be less depressed. In day care, proper love, affection and attention is provided so that when the children grow up, they show less negative vibes and more of the positive ones. 
A proper program of Play School In Garia proves to be a success in the patch of growth and development of children making them successful in when they grow up. The teachers have expertise in fixing behavioral problem in children giving proper stimulation to them. Moreover, the children get to meet newer and newer people every day and it opens new doors for socialization every day. Studies say that children in day care programs excel in every field they get in and are comparatively better than the other children of that age. Day care is and will prove to be beneficial to both parents and children and parents should think and re-think into having their child in day care.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Abacus: The Thing That Changed The World

From the early days, after man became a settler, there was a race for the ultimate civilization. Business had flourished in that period and business was starting to grow. Abacus (plural: abaci) was born out of the need for calculation. It was the calculating tool for many centuries before the invention of modern techniques and modern calculators. Abacus was used by traders and merchants in their trade and since then, it grew all over the world. Day care in Garia has been evolving over time and now it has become all the more efficient. Abacus was firstly carved out of bamboo and there were beads which were made to slide over wires.

History Of The Abacus

Abacus goes down way into the timeline to the early age of civilizations. The first abacus was seen in the Mesopotamian civilization between 2700 BC and 2300 BC. It was a Sumerian abacus and it consisted of tables in successive orders. The word abacus was coined by the English borrowing the word from Latin before 1387 AD. The Chinese abacus is the earliest known written documentation. It was a more efficient model and it could be used to make both decimal and hexadecimal calculations. Their abacus known as Suanpan was made up of hardwood and the Suanpan technique of abacus could do complex calculations of multiplication and division too. The inspired roman abacus was based on the same technique but now it is using as a Play school in Garia. The most famous abacus was used by the Japanese and their working class used it for centuries. Abacus was also widely used in Middle Asia extensively used by the Persians and Indians. The Russians and the Native Americans also used the abacus.

Advantages Of Abacus

Abacus is a powerful Montessori school in Garia which helps to perform complex calculations very easily. Abacus helps in triggering both sides of the brain and by proper coordination, it helps in efficient calculation. The power of concentration is also promoted and giged by the use of abacus. It helps a person to be more concentrated on something than before. Abacus helps a person to memorize more than this original mental capacity. The biggest advantage is that it helps to jot down many calculations very easily and in less time and the makes the brain more efficient in work. It helped to build a strong connection with numbers and it was the most powerful calculating tool for a huge period in the time-line.

How Abacus Changed The World

Like the invention of fire, the invention of the abacus was a world changing discovery. Since the advent of abacus, many civilizations have been built and had fallen and still now the technology of abacus persists even in the modern age. This fascinating tool helped in accelerating the growth of all the civilizations which had used it. Abacus is also the base for the Abacus in Garia. This had provided a huge boost in the advancement of science and business and without it both the fields would have perished very badly.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Abacus: A Gift To All

Abacus was originated from Asia, many merchants and traders used it for calculation which was required for their businesses. It was originally made from bamboo, beads and wires. The abacus was used as a calculating tool in many civilizations and it was a stepping stool for their growth and development. Abacus helped to make complex calculations simple and fast.

With abacus people made lesser mistakes and with extreme speed. It activates both sides of the brain and with synchronization helps your brain to grow mentally. The mental stimulus triggers the brain to function making it a mental exercise. Abacus in Garia is very important to children; it opens the doors of thinking dimensions. It throbs lesser stress on children while using abacus and they do faster and better calculations than the people who use modern electronic calculators for calculations. Abacus helps a person to memorize more than this original mental capacity. The power of concentration is also affected by the use of abacus. It helps a person to be more concentrated on something than before. It helps a child from forgetting things learnt and slowly destroys this tendency. The abacus also increases the creative thinking processes in a person. He tends to have more creative thinking in all subjects and look at things from many different angles. Day care in Garia improves the analyzation skills in children drastically helping children to adjust to circumstances. Helping in acquiring knowledge, an abacus is a very powerful tool which has existed through time without any weathering.

It is very important for parents to teach their children how to use abacus. It promotes to a good and stable development of the brain. Abacus is also a very useful tool for the blind people for whom it is very difficult to do calculations on paper. The sense of touch in an abacus helps these people to do the calculations. Learning abacus helps unravel all the small tricks which can be used for long mathematical calculations in the brain. Play school in Garia is a very friendly tool for children and they play with it like a toy. It is a simple looking tool which leaves the impression of a toy and the children are never really bored by performing calculations on the abacus. The process of learning is very easy on an abacus and is very adaptive in nature. The placing and the beads itself hold various values and the calculation is done by changing the position of the beads. The end result is taken from the final position of the beads.

With advent of the electronic calculators, the use of abacus in the process of learning and teaching has decreased drastically. With the increasing lazy minds, putting in the values and receiving the output without any problem at all. This habit has led to the decrease in concentration and memorization level in comparison to the abacus users. Montessori school in Garia always has been a tool of mammoth importance. For the invention of abacus, business has flourished among the civilizations to a whole new level. Abacus is a gift to all and a proper use of it promotes mental growth and strength.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Preferred Qualities Of A Day Care Teacher

With an increase in the number of families in which both the parents are working individuals, parents are turning to day care in Garia and other crèches for their children to be taken care of in their absence. This has lead to a rise in the number of such centres which provide your little one with all the maintenance and attention they need and keep them occupied while you and your spouse are working.

A day care teacher’s job includes not only looking after the needs of the children but also providing a guardian authority to the children for someone to look up to in absence of their parents. It involves more than just watching the kids for the entire day. Montessori school in Garia has to be responsible for their overall health, development, education and even nutrition. Combine those needs with the ever changing personalities of multiple kids and infants and he/she needs a lot of qualities to be a successful day care teacher.


Proper training in courses like child and adolescent development should be taken prior to. The person has to understand the skills and milestones the children need to learn at each age. They should be able to plan appropriate strategies and activities to keep children engaged and happy. Safety comes first so the person should also have proper training in first-aid and CPR. Play school in Garia should be able to properly plan out the activities for the children and guide them at every step with proper counselling.

Appearance and Behaviour

Infants tend to mimic the actions of the adults present around them. A good day care teacher should realise this and take steps to serve as a positive role model for the children. They should be dressed appropriately and avoid clothing which are revealing and have negative images.

They should know how to handle toddlers without using force/foul language and should also refrain from bad habits like smoking/drinking in front of them.

Management and Discipline

Chaos can ensure with multiple toddlers interacting with each other. The teacher should be able to set rules and limitations in a friendly way without coming as too strong. They should know how to make children obey and follow guidelines and should know in what way to reprimand them if rules are broken. Use of physical force is an absolute no.

Communication skills, Patience and Humour

The teachers need to learn to be able to communicate effectively with children at the grass root level. They should be enthusiastic about starting their day and should be willing to make a difference to each and every child. Each child is different and they should be able to unlock all the good qualities and overcome any obstacle a child might face. Young children are spontaneous with short attention spans and little self control. A patient approach will help make the job a whole lot easier. A teacher’s role can be challenging and it is extremely easy to lose one’s temper when things do not go as planned. They should learn to handle the ups and downs in stride while focusing on the end goal.

Abacus in Garia’s teacher will strive to achieve his/her goals in educating the children while at the same time making them feel safe and happy. They should work for the child’s best interests and should be dedicated to help them learn and grow while never losing patience or temper. In the absence of their parents, children are more vulnerable and the person should be able to take that huge responsibility bestowed on him/her and strive to create a happy and entertaining day care atmosphere while at the same time looking after a child’s special needs.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Montessori School? We Have Conventional School

The idea of Montessori School was developed by Maria Montessori in Rome in early 1900s. The ultimate goal of both Montessori school and Conventional School is to provide learning experience for the child and that way both are on same platform. Both of them give emphasis to what a child learns, his habits and attitude towards the world surrounding him. But irrespective of the similar goal, there are differences in the learning methods and experiences.
In Montessori, child is independent to learn and grow in his respective paces, thus learning become easier. But in Conventional School, it often goes against the pace of the child, thus make them heavily dependent on their teachers.
The basic principle of Montessori is against comparison between children which is the main benchmark in Conventional Schools. In second one, children are always forced to perform better and better which, in turn, create burden and promotes unwillingness to learn.
Montessori format used in Play School in Garia always give emphasis on observation where as Conventional system put emphasis on Gothic reading. It is easier to visualize a thing and store it in mind than to remember through reading and cramming only.
Normally in Montessori, children are mixed within three to six years spans. So there is constant exchange of mind, teaching and problem solving between different age groups.
In Conventional school, teachers often correct note books in red marks, put remarks. Thus child gets humiliated which is absent in Montessori followed by Day Care in Garia.
Children are bound to make mistake. It is always better to show them their fault and help them to rectify themselves than to scold them and give them punishment. The first idea is workable in Montessori while the second one is adopted in Conventional School.
In Montessori, emphasis is given on forming moral character where children learn to take care of themselves, their environment, neighbors, friends, parents, brothers and sisters, thus interact with all group of people directly which, in turn, widen the scope of their connections.
Interaction with various group of people make them smart. They learn to mix with different age group, to respect them, share views or problems with them and so on. These increase their personal connection level which pay off in the growth of their career.
Although Montessori Schools are limited in number and that too is restricted within the cities, rural population do not get the chance to take the advantage of them. More over it is costly too. Poor rural people, comprising the largest share of population of the country, who live below poverty level, do not even dream to admit their child in Montessori. This is also equally applicable to the middle class urban people. Still some of them go for Montessori schooling for their child with the expectation to give them a better future. But the saddest part is, most of them loose the track midway because of unlimited expenditures. It is the dream of every parents to give their child a bright future but what to do if” Man proposes, God disposes.” 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Puzzle – How It Helps The Child’s Development

As a child most of us have tinkered and played with puzzles. Calculating and observing which little piece went where and the joy felt after having successfully completed it are a part of most of our childhood memories. This fun and challenging activity is loved by kids around the world and still remains to be one of the most popular childhood games. At any age, puzzles offer the chance to work towards a goal and piece together a story or picture. With fun shapes and bright colours, large-piece puzzles are a favourite among small children at play school in Garia, Kolkata.

 While this popular game remains to be fun and enjoyable, it does more than enticing your child with its bright colours and shapes. Here’s why you should consider getting puzzles for your little one.
Puzzles and Child Development

Psychologists have found out that a child’s brain development is increased significantly when a child acts on or changes the environment around him or her. Puzzles provide that opportunity. Children learn to work with the situation around them and modify its shape and appearance when they work with puzzles.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive learning is characterized by comprehension, organizing various ideas and applying them through choice and evaluation. When children play with puzzles, they learn to combine specific choices as they begin to recognize and understand how pieces fit together. The best way for your child to gain an understanding of the world around them is by letting them change and create the world around them. 

Fine Motor Development and hand-eye coordination

Playing with puzzles require children to grasp parts of all sizes and decide how to fit exactly into a slot. This process involves sorting and testing of numerous parts until the matching piece is found. Through this task, children develop small muscle movements and dexterity in their hands and fingers. Small and precise movements, such as the movement of fingers to get a puzzle piece in place can lead to better handwriting and finger stability. While developing fine motor skills, playing with puzzles require children to learn to work their hands and eyes together. Child develops a keen relationship between their eyes, hands and brain.


When working to complete a puzzle at day care in Garia, Kolkata, children have to rely on their memory to figure out which shapes combine to complete the picture. If a piece doesn’t fit, the child will set it aside, but will need to remember the shape and colour in relation to the rest of the puzzle.

Emotional skills such as setting goals and working with patience are also developed. The first goal is to solve the puzzle, the next goal will be a series of strategies the child comes up with to solve the puzzle.
In brief puzzles help to

  • Allow a child to learn that a whole is made of various parts and pieces
  • Develop  hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills
  • Builds visual and cognitive skills
  • Develops their concentration and attention power and mental skills such as recognising, remembering, matching, sorting and problem solving
University of Chicago researchers has found that children who play with puzzles between the ages of 2 - 4 later develop better spatial skills. From early childhood right through to adulthood we love to play with puzzles and like the way they challenge our thinking and exercise our minds. Puzzles are also an important educational tool for children as they provide many skills and mental learning benefits.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Features to Look While Recruiting Teacher for Play School.

Teacher is the one who plays a key role in the transformation of a child into a successful individual. When a parent sends his or her child to the school for the first time, he or she has lot many expectations from both the lad and his teacher. In fact, the parent gives the complete responsibility of the child in the hands of his teacher, especially when he goes to primary school. This is the reason why the authorities of a school look for certain qualities and features while recruiting a teacher for a play school. 

Well, following are the features those one look for in a play schoolteacher:

·         Female candidates-Usually, female candidates are recruited as teachers for primary school because they have the ability to instruct and  handle the children with care.

·        Qualification- She should be qualified enough to attract the students or kids in proper manne.

·         Possess quality of responsibility- She should be responsible to take any kind of task, she should be compassionate enough to deal with the children, she should be able to manage the amount of work given to her.

This is just a sneak peek of the qualities that one seeks in a teacher for a play school in Garia. Other than these, the school administration obviously expects that the recruited candidate must be able to cope up the fellow teachers and other staff and non-staff members and at the same time be able to adhere to the rules of the school. Also, she is expected to respect the school authorities and love the children and make them feel comfortable. She should be able to understand what the child is trying to say, as the kids are not big enough to express themselves or how they feel.

How to handle the kids?

Secondly, at early childhood kids are very sensitive i.e. they get affected and tend to learn from every little thing or activity going around them. Hence, the teacher should handle them properly and carefully and also be very careful in the activities that she is doing in front of the little ones. The teacher as well must keep a careful vigilance on the actions of the kids as this helps her to know and understand what a particular child is keen or curious about and what his or her area of interest is. On the other side, this helps her to communicate those interests to the parents of the children.


In short, a good play school teacher must possess the above-mentioned qualities and features, this is what the school authorities and the parents expect from her. Children are like brittle glass and it is the first and foremost duty on the part of the teacher to take a note of each and every activity of the children and handle them with utmost care. Parents expect the most out of the teachers of their little ones as they have a key role in shaping up the entire personality and in the all round development of the children.

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