Sunday, December 6, 2015

Features to Look While Recruiting Teacher for Play School.

Teacher is the one who plays a key role in the transformation of a child into a successful individual. When a parent sends his or her child to the school for the first time, he or she has lot many expectations from both the lad and his teacher. In fact, the parent gives the complete responsibility of the child in the hands of his teacher, especially when he goes to primary school. This is the reason why the authorities of a school look for certain qualities and features while recruiting a teacher for a play school. 

Well, following are the features those one look for in a play schoolteacher:

·         Female candidates-Usually, female candidates are recruited as teachers for primary school because they have the ability to instruct and  handle the children with care.

·        Qualification- She should be qualified enough to attract the students or kids in proper manne.

·         Possess quality of responsibility- She should be responsible to take any kind of task, she should be compassionate enough to deal with the children, she should be able to manage the amount of work given to her.

This is just a sneak peek of the qualities that one seeks in a teacher for a play school in Garia. Other than these, the school administration obviously expects that the recruited candidate must be able to cope up the fellow teachers and other staff and non-staff members and at the same time be able to adhere to the rules of the school. Also, she is expected to respect the school authorities and love the children and make them feel comfortable. She should be able to understand what the child is trying to say, as the kids are not big enough to express themselves or how they feel.

How to handle the kids?

Secondly, at early childhood kids are very sensitive i.e. they get affected and tend to learn from every little thing or activity going around them. Hence, the teacher should handle them properly and carefully and also be very careful in the activities that she is doing in front of the little ones. The teacher as well must keep a careful vigilance on the actions of the kids as this helps her to know and understand what a particular child is keen or curious about and what his or her area of interest is. On the other side, this helps her to communicate those interests to the parents of the children.


In short, a good play school teacher must possess the above-mentioned qualities and features, this is what the school authorities and the parents expect from her. Children are like brittle glass and it is the first and foremost duty on the part of the teacher to take a note of each and every activity of the children and handle them with utmost care. Parents expect the most out of the teachers of their little ones as they have a key role in shaping up the entire personality and in the all round development of the children.

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