Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Preferred Qualities Of A Day Care Teacher

With an increase in the number of families in which both the parents are working individuals, parents are turning to day care in Garia and other crèches for their children to be taken care of in their absence. This has lead to a rise in the number of such centres which provide your little one with all the maintenance and attention they need and keep them occupied while you and your spouse are working.

A day care teacher’s job includes not only looking after the needs of the children but also providing a guardian authority to the children for someone to look up to in absence of their parents. It involves more than just watching the kids for the entire day. Montessori school in Garia has to be responsible for their overall health, development, education and even nutrition. Combine those needs with the ever changing personalities of multiple kids and infants and he/she needs a lot of qualities to be a successful day care teacher.


Proper training in courses like child and adolescent development should be taken prior to. The person has to understand the skills and milestones the children need to learn at each age. They should be able to plan appropriate strategies and activities to keep children engaged and happy. Safety comes first so the person should also have proper training in first-aid and CPR. Play school in Garia should be able to properly plan out the activities for the children and guide them at every step with proper counselling.

Appearance and Behaviour

Infants tend to mimic the actions of the adults present around them. A good day care teacher should realise this and take steps to serve as a positive role model for the children. They should be dressed appropriately and avoid clothing which are revealing and have negative images.

They should know how to handle toddlers without using force/foul language and should also refrain from bad habits like smoking/drinking in front of them.

Management and Discipline

Chaos can ensure with multiple toddlers interacting with each other. The teacher should be able to set rules and limitations in a friendly way without coming as too strong. They should know how to make children obey and follow guidelines and should know in what way to reprimand them if rules are broken. Use of physical force is an absolute no.

Communication skills, Patience and Humour

The teachers need to learn to be able to communicate effectively with children at the grass root level. They should be enthusiastic about starting their day and should be willing to make a difference to each and every child. Each child is different and they should be able to unlock all the good qualities and overcome any obstacle a child might face. Young children are spontaneous with short attention spans and little self control. A patient approach will help make the job a whole lot easier. A teacher’s role can be challenging and it is extremely easy to lose one’s temper when things do not go as planned. They should learn to handle the ups and downs in stride while focusing on the end goal.

Abacus in Garia’s teacher will strive to achieve his/her goals in educating the children while at the same time making them feel safe and happy. They should work for the child’s best interests and should be dedicated to help them learn and grow while never losing patience or temper. In the absence of their parents, children are more vulnerable and the person should be able to take that huge responsibility bestowed on him/her and strive to create a happy and entertaining day care atmosphere while at the same time looking after a child’s special needs.

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