Monday, June 20, 2016

Abacus: A Gift To All

Abacus was originated from Asia, many merchants and traders used it for calculation which was required for their businesses. It was originally made from bamboo, beads and wires. The abacus was used as a calculating tool in many civilizations and it was a stepping stool for their growth and development. Abacus helped to make complex calculations simple and fast.

With abacus people made lesser mistakes and with extreme speed. It activates both sides of the brain and with synchronization helps your brain to grow mentally. The mental stimulus triggers the brain to function making it a mental exercise. Abacus in Garia is very important to children; it opens the doors of thinking dimensions. It throbs lesser stress on children while using abacus and they do faster and better calculations than the people who use modern electronic calculators for calculations. Abacus helps a person to memorize more than this original mental capacity. The power of concentration is also affected by the use of abacus. It helps a person to be more concentrated on something than before. It helps a child from forgetting things learnt and slowly destroys this tendency. The abacus also increases the creative thinking processes in a person. He tends to have more creative thinking in all subjects and look at things from many different angles. Day care in Garia improves the analyzation skills in children drastically helping children to adjust to circumstances. Helping in acquiring knowledge, an abacus is a very powerful tool which has existed through time without any weathering.

It is very important for parents to teach their children how to use abacus. It promotes to a good and stable development of the brain. Abacus is also a very useful tool for the blind people for whom it is very difficult to do calculations on paper. The sense of touch in an abacus helps these people to do the calculations. Learning abacus helps unravel all the small tricks which can be used for long mathematical calculations in the brain. Play school in Garia is a very friendly tool for children and they play with it like a toy. It is a simple looking tool which leaves the impression of a toy and the children are never really bored by performing calculations on the abacus. The process of learning is very easy on an abacus and is very adaptive in nature. The placing and the beads itself hold various values and the calculation is done by changing the position of the beads. The end result is taken from the final position of the beads.

With advent of the electronic calculators, the use of abacus in the process of learning and teaching has decreased drastically. With the increasing lazy minds, putting in the values and receiving the output without any problem at all. This habit has led to the decrease in concentration and memorization level in comparison to the abacus users. Montessori school in Garia always has been a tool of mammoth importance. For the invention of abacus, business has flourished among the civilizations to a whole new level. Abacus is a gift to all and a proper use of it promotes mental growth and strength.

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